FSASCFlorida Society of Ambulatory Surgical Centers (Tallahassee, Florida)
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Since 34% of patients with OSA develop hypoxemia in the PACU, (17) patients with OSA who have not been adequately treated with CPAP or BIPAP may not be good candidates for surgery at an FSASC.
Thus, we believe that these procedures may be operated on at a FSASC with slightly less stringent exclusion criteria.
Having criteria for determining FSASC eligibility is crucial to maximize value by striking a balance between performing as many ambulatory procedures at a FSASC without compromising patient safety and quality.
By achieving a better understanding of the factors that make patients and procedures better candidates for surgery in a hospital setting, we can minimize transfers and readmissions from FSASCs and maximize the value proposition of performing outpatient procedures at a FSASC.
Table 2 FSASC Ineligible Cases Stratified by Type of Procedure* FSASC FSASC % FSASC Frequency Eligible Ineligible Ineligible Hip Arthroscopy 141 125 16 11.
Moreover, the number of surgical procedures performed at FSASCs annually grew from 380,000 in 1983 to 31.