FSAVCFree Standing Additional Voluntary Contribution (UK pension plan)
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I've been paying into my employers' pension since I started work and also the maximum amount to FSAVCs for the last 11 years.
An FSAVC (free standing additional voluntary contribution) cannot provide you with benefits in the form of lump sum tax-free cash.
If you are unsure about your FSAVC, talk to the firm that sold it.
A YOU may have bought Additional Voluntary Contributions alongside your company pension or arranged a freestanding additional voluntary contribution plan (FSAVC).
Ask your FSAVC provider for an illustration and compare it with the open market to get the best annuity rate.
A further 87,500 consumers who were mis-sold free-standing additional voluntary contributions (FSAVC), which are used to top up pensions, have also had their cases reviewed, and redress offers worth pounds 300 million have been made.
You can make direct additional contributions to a Stakeholder Pension Plan as well as an AVC and/or FSAVC arrangement or personal pension plan.
#YOU can contribute to only one FSAVC contract in a tax year so you'd have to keep paying into your old one until April 5 before you can take out a new one.
People in company schemes can contribute 15 per cent of earnings each year to either their employer's scheme or to a free-standing additional voluntary contribution (FSAVC) plan, and earn tax relief at their highest rate of income tax.
In terms of your FSAVC, get a quote from the provider and compare it with an open market option to get the best annuity rate.