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FSBCFirst Slavic Baptist Church (various locations)
FSBCFirst Southern Baptist Church
FSBCFrench Speaking Baptist Church (New York)
FSBCFreemason Street Baptist Church (Norfolk, VA)
FSBCFry's Spring Beach Club (Charlottesville, VA)
FSBCFayetteville Street Baptist Church (Fayetteville, NC)
FSBCFaculty Salary and Budget Committee (Grand Valley State University; Allendale, MI)
FSBCFreshman Sophomore Business Club (University of California, Berkeley)
FSBCFlinders Street Baptist Church (Australia)
FSBCFive Star Building Corp. (Easthampton, MA)
FSBCFlorida State Boxing Commission
FSBCFirst Steps Boot Camp (health program; Fort Worth, TX)
FSBCFederation of Swazi Business Community (Swaziland)
FSBCFletcher Street Brewing Company (Alpena, MI)
FSBCFederation of State Beef Councils (National Cattlemen’s Beef Association)
FSBCFire Station Building Committee
FSBCFinancial Services and Business Consulting (UK)
FSBCFranco-Scottish Business Club (Scotland, UK)
FSBCFront Street Baptist Church (various locations)
FSBCFoodbank of Santa Barbara County (California)
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GenBank sequence JX519377, UF 182810 (formerly FSBC 020548), DNA number FWRI 20548b.
UF 182811 (formerly, FSBC 020548), 1 specimen, 192 mm SL (paratopotype), same locality data as for holotype; UF 182812 (formerly FSBC 020596), 5 specimens, 145-185 mm SL, off St.
Synoduspoeyi FSBC 020586 (FWRI 20586a: JX519378, FWRI 20586b: JX519379), FSBC 020708 (FWRI 20708: JX519381), USNM 405441 (MOC 11014: JX519397), USNM 405442 (MOC 11437: JX519398), USNM 405443 (MOC 11784: JX519399).
Saurida normani FSBC 020653 (FWRI 20653a: JX519393), USNM 405453 (MOC 11434: JX519374), USNM 405454 (MOC 11438: JX519365).
Trachinocephalus myops FSBC 020509 (FWRI 20509: JX519396); FSBC 020698 (FWRI 20698a: JX519394); USNM 405460 (BLZ 6415: JQ841030); USNM 405459 (TOB 9157: JQ843093); USNM 405459.
FSBC, which is composed of a polar segment containing the grafted succinic anhydride and a nonpolar hydrocarbon segment, can be used in this case.
Addition of the FSBC rubber to a 50/50 N6/PP blend caused a distinct change in morphology-from a co-continuous structure to one containing discrete particles of nylon in a PP matrix.
2) indicate that the FSBC is located at the N6-PP interface and clearly functions as a compatibilizing agent.
FSBC addition to 2:1 N6/PP blends (Table 1) led to improved impact resistance at both ambient and subambient temperatures.
only 10-wt% FSBC is needed for ductile failure, compared with the 15 to 20 wt% needed at the 1:1 N6/PP ratio.
Table 2, in which the efficiencies of various compatibilizers at 10-wt% loadings in 2:1 N6/PP blends are compared, shows that FSBC addition yielded the blend with the most improved properties.
Polyamides FSBC addition can toughen polyamides such as nylon 6/6 (N66).