FSBSFirst South Bancorp, Inc. (various locations)
FSBSFaculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (various locations)
FSBSFixed Submarine Broadcast System (VLF/LF)
FSBSFull Side by Side (video format)
FSBSFédération Suisse de Baseball et Softball (French: Swiss Federation of Baseball and Softball)
FSBSFingerstick Blood Sugar
FSBSFleet Submarine Broadcast System
FSBSFlorida State Button Society
FSBSFreshmen Sophomore Business Society (University of Connecticut)
FSBSFor Skaters By Skaters (Miami, FL skateshop)
FSBSFor Skiers by Skiers
FSBSFirst Serbian Benevolent Society (San Francisco, CA)
FSBSFor Sims, by Sims (video game slang)
FSBSFirestorm Business Solutions (UK)
FSBSFree Small Business Suite (Novell)
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With better functioning STAMIS, increased communications ability, and modular vehicle implementation, a robust SPO in the FSB, with minimal augmentation, could take the place of a DISCOM SPO and MMC without detracting from the Army's ability to deploy rapidly, thus achieving Joint Vision 2020's goals for the Army.
An FLE can help the FSB commander provide the uninterrupted and continuous support required for fast-paced offensive operations.
Unfortunately, FSBs are not always able to train with their BCTs.
COSCOM units deliver fuel to the divisional support organizations and directly into the FSBs, resulting in the constant positioning of corps assets in the brigade rear area and a requirement for a sizeable on-ground storage capability.
Yet, according to Inspector at the Door, the FSBs first full report into over-regulation since 1999, the cost of regulatory burdens to small business has shot up from pounds 20.6bn in 2002-03 to pounds 38.9bn in 2004-05.
24 June 2014 - US First Community Bank, part of First Community Corp (NASDAQ:FCCO), said it had agreed to acquire some USD43m (EUR31.6m) of deposits and USD9m of loans from local First South Bank, a unit of First South Bancorp Inc (OTCBB: FSBS).
Mr Paul Horan, the FSBs commercial trade agreements committee chairman, said banding would be the best way to level the playing field between small and large businesses.
The center of gravity for the traditional AOE FSBs was the maintenance company; for modular force BSBs, it is the distribution company.
The FSBs Keep Trade Local campaign also ties into our transition to a low carbon economy.