FSCAFormation Supérieure des Cadres de l'Armée (French: Advanced Training of the Army; Switzerland)
FSCAFamily Services of Central Alberta (Alberta, Canada)
FSCAFlorida State Collection of Arthropods
FSCAFoot Salle Civrieux d'Azergues (French soccer club)
FSCAFlorida Sporting Clays Association (shooting)
FSCAField Safety Corrective Action
FSCAFamily Services and Consumer Affairs (Canada)
FSCAFarah Siddiqui Contemporary Art (India)
FSCAFlorida Sprint Car Association (Florida and Georgia)
FSCAFlorida Softball Cricket Association
FSCAFire Services Consultation Association (UK)
FSCAForescout Counteract Administrator (security training)
FSCAFlorida School Counselor Association
FSCAFinancial Service Centers of America (previously National Check Cashers Association)
FSCAFlorida Sportsmen’s Conservation Association (West Palm Beach, FL; est. 1994)
FSCAFire Support and Combined Arms
FSCAFriendly Situation Capabilities Advisor
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The FSCA meets the second Tuesday of every month at the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) South Region headquarters on Northlake Blvd.
Martens & Galeotti, CEAM (42 ex), FSCA (4 ex), DZUP (4 ex), JEBC (5 ex), KWA (1 ex).
The timeframes for reporting adverse events and FSCAs are identical to the European Union and GHTF guidance.
Muchmore, FSCA PBI_OON 21197), 1[female]; Coral Bay, near Butler's house, July 22, 1975, under century plant (W.
Durant les debats du FSCA, les participants ont reconnu la necessite de tenir un Forum Social Africain et ils se sont mis d'accord sur la creation d'un comite d'organisation dans chaque pays.
updating the label with new user warnings), new supply will be permitted, provided that such supply is accompanied by the product owners field safety notice (FSN), which is a notice the owners send to device users in relation to the FSCA.
Bahamas y Tobago constituyen nuevos registros de distribucion para este bruquido, el material de referencia se encuentra depositado en FSCA.
It appears as though the notices that are relayed to the European Commission are only FSNs related to FSCA, and that a greater number of reports are posted on individual competent authorities sites than on this European Commission record.
An estimated 162 species in 29 dolichopodid genera are known to occur in Florida, 112 of which are validated by voucher specimens in FSCA.
The Prudential Authority will supervise the safety and soundness of financial institutions while the FSCA will supervise how financial services firms conduct their business and treat customers.
Fully protected towels, (individually wrapped packets), with FSCA certification.