FSCATTFire Support Combined Arms Tactical Trainer
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The 24 collective training control subsystems will train the fire direction specialists and allow elements of FSCATT to be networked for team training exercises.
This FSCATT production contract, which is the first of five one-year options the Army has planned, follows a $16.
We're proud of the fact that the FSCATT training system is the Army's only Defense Acquisition Pilot Program and is proving that acquisition reform and streamlining works," said Stuart Moore, Hughes Training's president.
Hughes Training's FSCATT production team members include United Defense Limited Partnership, AAI Corp.
During the FSCATT Phase I, Hughes Training and its teammates are developing and fielding a system of training devices that will enable artillery gunnery soldiers to train individually or as a team.
FSCATT is the Army's only Defense Acquisition Pilot Program, an acquisition reform initiative designed to expedite and streamline the acquisition process.
Initial FSCATT devices will be available in March 1997, including two M109A5 howitzer crew trainers, 36 howitzer strap-on trainers and five collective training control subsystems.
Hughes Training's FSCATT team members include United Defense Limited Partnership; AAI Corp.
The Hughes Training FSCATT team includes United Defense LP, AAI Corp.
Phase I of the FSCATT program will provide the Army's active and reserve field artillery gunnery teams -- consisting of cannon crewmen, fire direction specialists, and fire support specialists -- with individual and crew level skills training in executing indirect fire missions.
The FSCATT system also will be capable of interoperability with the Army's Close Combat Tactical Training system.