FSCEForum on Street Children Ethiopia (est. 1989)
FSCEForescout Certified Engineer (course)
FSCEFree Solution Capillary Electrophoresis
FSCEFédération Spéléologique de la Communauté Européenne (French: Speleological Federation of the European Community)
FSCEFree-Solution Conjugate Electrophoresis
FSCEForces Spéciale des Combats Extrèmes (French: Special Forces Extreme Battles; forum)
FSCEFire Support Coordination Element
FSCEFeng Shui Center of Excellence
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For simplicity's sake, in this work, the Constructive Approach Algorithm was used to obtain solutions to the proposed model and to compare with proposed solutions to the FSCE administration.
In collaboration with international NGOs and local and regional law enforcement, FSCE helped to establish Child Protection Units (CPU) in police stations in Addis Ababa and nine other towns countrywide.