FSCFFédération Sportive et Culturelle de France (French: Cultural and Sports Federation of France)
FSCFFaculty/Staff Christian Fellowship
FSCFFlorida School Choice Fund (Tampa, FL)
FSCFFragment Self-Consistent Field (molecular system wavefunctions)
FSCFFinancial Services Compensation Fund (UK)
FSCFFaculty and Staff Christian Forum (UCSB)
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China, Australia and the United States propose three activities organized back to back in the margins of the SOM2 in 2017 in Viet Nam: 1) a workshop on the Modernization of Food Safety Control Systems, 2) the 6th Conference of the FSCF, where food safety regulators meet focusing on building a robust food safety system, and 3) the public-private sector FSCF/Partnership Training Institute Network (PTIN) Steering Group convention which discusses plans for public/private cooperation on food safety capacity building .
Additional work that will complement the stated objectives are to facilitate access to the Guideline through identifying translation needs and leveraging from the APEC FSCF roll-over funds facilitated by China to build laboratory capacity work with a focus on pesticide testing.
The Roundtable is built upon several previous FSCF events including a High Level Food Safety Regulator/Industry Dialogue in 2014 and an Effective Industry/Regulator Cooperation Roundtable held in 2015.
Australia and China demonstrated foresight and leadership in establishing the Food Safety Cooperation Forum (FSCF) which has been recognized by APEC Leaders as a priority each year since 2007.