FSCGFinancial Services Consumer Group (EU)
FSCGFudbalski Savez Crne Gore (Serbian: Football Association of Montenegro; soccer)
FSCGFinancial Strategies Consulting Group (Lafayette, CA)
FSCGFederal Supply Classification Group
FSCGFlight Safety and Communications Group (DRS Technologies, Inc.)
FSCGFSC Global Limited (UK)
FSCGFoodservice Coaching Group (Minneapolis, MN)
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Pretreatment of FSCG and experimental feed for volatile fatty acid (VFA) were determined using the method of cold water extracts at 4[degrees]C for 24 h [19].
Polynomial orthogonal contrasts were used to determine the effect of increasing FSCG using CONTRAST option.
Body weight gain (p = 0.007) and average daily gain (p = 0.016) were linearly decreased with increasing feeding level of FSCG (Table 3).
The CP digestibility of the 20% FSCG feeding group was lower (p = 0.011) than that of the control.
Similarly, CP content in FSCG was higher than SCG, as it is considered that the ratio of CP in FSCG is increased consuming OM by microorganism.
Although there was no difference among treatments on DMI, BWG, and ADG were linearly decreased with increasing feeding levels of FSCG. In this study, experimental feed of each treatment was fomulated gross energy basis.
MG-I, marine group I; SCG, soil crenarchaeotal group; RC-V, rice cluster V; SAGMCG, South African gold mine crenarchaeotal group; DHVE-6, deep sea hydrothermal vent euryarchaeotal group 6; DSEG, deep sea euryarchaeotal group; VAL-III, Valkea Kotinen lake group III; FSCG, forest soil crenarchaeotal group; Thaum., Thaumarchaeota; Woese., Woesearchaeota; Eury., Euryarchaeota; Diaph., Diapherotrites.