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FSCKFile System Check (Unix)
FSCKFile System Checker (Unix/Linux/POSIX)
FSCKFile System Consistency Check
FSCKFiles System Checks Suck :-)
FSCKFree Software Club of Kirksville (Kirksville, MO)
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A peripheral benefit of soft updates is that fsck can trust the allocation information in the bitmaps.
No Order uses the same recovery mechanism (fsck) as Conventional, but often cannot fully recover to a consistent state.
Recovery Time File System Configuration Empty 76% Full Conventional 5 seconds 150 seconds Soft Updates 0.35 seconds 0.35 seconds For FreeBSD's default FFS on our experimental platform, the fsck utility executes in 5 seconds for an empty file system and requires 2.5 minutes or more for a file system that is 76% full.