FSCLFédération du Sport Cycliste Luxembourgeois (French: Luxembourg Cycling Sports Federation)
FSCLFire Support Coordination Line
FSCLFinancial Services Complaints Ltd. (New Zealand)
FSCLFlorida Scholastic Chess League
FSCLFrequency Sensitive Competitive Learning (algorithm)
FSCLFollicular Small Cleaved Lymphoma
FSCLFlorida Southeast Cricket League (est. 1998)
FSCLFlorida Sugar Cane League
FSCLFriends of the Smith College Libraries (est. 1942; Northampton, MA)
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In order to prove that our algorithm can classify feature vectors in a balanced manner, we use average similarity of the cluster size to compare the clustering performance of proposed BBC algorithm, balanced k-means (i.e., Bkmeans), k-means++, and FSCL. The average similarity based on (5) is defined as S = [bar.s([[tau].sup.(t+1).sub.k]).
A different view to this argument is the value in looking beyond the FSCL to better answer our commander's PIR and help the staff anticipate our commander's decisions.
For example, FSCL and LPFSC are members of the European Network of Forensic Science Institution (ENFSI) and since 2008, a member of the Baltic States Forensic Institution Association.
Again, the Army deep attack concepts and the placement of the FSCL are at the heart of the matter" (David E.
The FSCL handles complaints relating to financial advisors, finance and insurance companies, credit unions and trustee companies.
In April 2008 Heerema Marine Contractors Australia signed a contract with Woodside Energy as operator, on behalf of Australia's NWSV (North West Shelf Venture), for the transport and installation of the North Rankin B Platform substructure and topside, and approached FSCL to tender for the design and build of two large pile top drills and three complete drill strings for the jacket installation works.
Much as in the case of American kill-box interdiction and CAS inside the roughly similar FSCL during the 3-week major combat phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom, a predict-able problem arose in the relatively thin band of battle-space between the yellow line and Israel's northern border.
Roberts notes that during the first five days of operations in Iraqi Freedom, the V Corps commander hesitated to open kill boxes short of the FSCL for fixed-wing interdiction even though there were no friendly forces in those boxes.
A common friction point between the doctrines is the fire support coordination line (FSCL).
It then introduces an approach for learner-formulated questions that is based on the Flexible Structured Coding Language (FSCL).
In defining a collection area focus, III Corps used the Fire Support Coordination Line (FSCL) as its intelligence hand over line between division and Corps assets.
Confusing the issue is the seemingly conspicuous incompatibility of the 20th-century fire support coordination line (FSCL) with 21st-century nonlinear BCT operations.