FSCLFédération du Sport Cycliste Luxembourgeois (French: Luxembourg Cycling Sports Federation)
FSCLFire Support Coordination Line
FSCLFinancial Services Complaints Ltd. (New Zealand)
FSCLFlorida Scholastic Chess League
FSCLFrequency Sensitive Competitive Learning (algorithm)
FSCLFollicular Small Cleaved Lymphoma
FSCLFlorida Southeast Cricket League (est. 1998)
FSCLFlorida Sugar Cane League
FSCLFriends of the Smith College Libraries (est. 1942; Northampton, MA)
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A different view to this argument is the value in looking beyond the FSCL to better answer our commander's PIR and help the staff anticipate our commander's decisions.
According to the FSCL report, most complainants were due to disappointment with the scope and amount of coverage of travel insurance when a claim was made.
FSCL was awarded the contract to design and build the equipment for Heerema and were again successful in winning a further tender to operate the drills for Heerema for the jacket installation works.
Much as in the case of American kill-box interdiction and CAS inside the roughly similar FSCL during the 3-week major combat phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom, a predict-able problem arose in the relatively thin band of battle-space between the yellow line and Israel's northern border.
Roberts notes that during the first five days of operations in Iraqi Freedom, the V Corps commander hesitated to open kill boxes short of the FSCL for fixed-wing interdiction even though there were no friendly forces in those boxes.
Many combatant commanders utilize them in lieu of, or in conjunction with, the FSCL to facilitate expeditious coordination of fires.
A traditional view of the battlefield features an FSCL that may be aligned with territorial zones of operation but well beyond the areas where associated BCTs actually plan to operate in the near future.
The author makes an argument that placing the FSCL at the political border prior to the allied ground offensive of ODS was detrimental to the overall effort because it impeded deep operations.
Some of the problems associated with using geography to define the FSCL include the following: (1) inaccurate identification of war-fighter terrain, (2) inability to locate the FSCL at night, and (3) the time required (up to six hours) to change and promulgate a new FSCL.
If theater interdiction occurs inside the FSCL, it could be in direct conflict with the surface maneuver commander.
3 (Fall 1996): 34-49, on how the battlefield is affected by the relationship between the FLOT and the FSCL.