FSCOORDFire Support Coordinator
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The brigade XO, with the FSCOORD serving as an advisor, chairs the combat power synchronization meeting.
After the CPSM, the brigade XO, FSCOORD, S3, and S2 brief the results to the brigade commander for his approval.
The BCT- FSCOORD executes critical fires tasks for the BCT commander.
There is no specific mention of the experience level or qualifications of the BCT FSCOORD lieutenant colonel (LTC) assigned to the position.
In examining the functions of the FSCOORD and the fires battalion commander, we see that neither has TRO responsibility for fire support personnel within the brigade.
Under modularity, the staff BCT FSCOORD should be the senior FA officer within the brigade, but current inventory and personnel management priorities cannot support this concept.
In these changing times, the FSCOORD must develop methods to work with maneuver commanders and their senior NCOs to seamlessly integrate all fusion cell enablers from the brigade to the platoon levels by way of the maneuver battalion fire support channels in support of an evolving brigade campaign plan.
Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC), 2nd IBCT, has a robust brigade FSC led by the IBCT FSCOORD that includes four combat observation lasing teams (COLTs) and a nonlethal effects cell.
How does the BCT FSCOORD ensure all fire support personnel are adequately manned, equipped and trained to support the traditional fire support mission as well as the nontraditional IO and CMO missions?
The FSCOORD makes recommendations, but the fires battalion commander decides which officer in the BCT enters or leaves the fire support world and which enters or leaves the artillery world.
If you are a new BCT FSCOORD, don't assume everyone follows the MTOE.
On more than one occasion, unless the FSCOORD was specific about radio/vehicle/optic requirements, FISTs arrived at a training event under-equipped.