FSCRSFinancial Services Complaints Resolution Scheme (Australia)
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Association of subscales of FSCRS with Siddique-Shah Depression scale and Interaction Anxiousness Scale was found significant.
Teo has been performing fat stem cell repair therapy or FSCR in his clinic in Singapore for a few years.
TAI: Test Anxiety Inventory; FSCRS: Forms of Self-Criticizing and Self-Reassuring Scale; SASSA: Social Anxiety and Avoidance Scale for Adolescents; CAMM: Children's Acceptance and Mindfulness Measure Table 3 Correlations between studied variables Total Hated Reassuring Inadequate TAI Self Self Self Total TAI 1 FSCRS--Hated self .38 ** 1 FSCRS--Reassuring self -.21 ** -.38 ** 1 FSCRS--Inadequate self .57 ** .36 ** -.37 ** 1 SAASA-Total Anxiety .30 ** .33 ** -.37 ** .44 ** SAASA--Total Avoidance .25 ** .35 ** -.31 ** .38 ** CAMM 10 -.36 ** -.35 ** .10 -.49 ** SAASA-Total SAASA-Total Anxiety Avoidance Total TAI FSCRS--Hated self FSCRS--Reassuring self FSCRS--Inadequate self SAASA-Total Anxiety 1 SAASA--Total Avoidance .85 ** 1 CAMM 10 -.32 ** -.29 ** Note.
While Kesas' minimum finance service coverage ratio (FSCR) with cash (post-distribution) is expected to only come up to 1.64 times, the analysts highlight that this is due to the company's lumpy financial obligations of MYR305m in the fiscal year to March 2014.
These FSCRs assume minimum annual traffic-volume growth and distributions to its shareholders while adhering to its financial covenants.
These FSCRs assume that JEV will maximise its distributions to Special Power Vehicle Berhad, a special-purpose vehicle set up as a funding conduit to raise the remaining funds required for the development of the plant, via its unrated junior debt, while still adhering to its covenanted post-distribution DSCR of 1.40 times as well as the requirements with respect to an 85:15 debt-equity ratio and minimum required balances in the designated accounts, RAM Ratings elaborated.
Based on RAM Ratings' sensitised cashflow projections, SEV's FSCRs (with cash balances, post-distribution) are expected to come in at 3.06 times in fiscal 2010 and 2.21 times in fiscal 2011.
Despite the current tenancy voids, the Properties' FSCR is still estimated to come up to 4.32 times under our assumptions, i.e.
Based on RAM Ratings' sensitised cash flow projections, KLBK's FSCRs (with cash balances, post-distribution) are expected to stay above the covenanted level of 2.5 times throughout the tenure of the BaIDS, the agency said.
The forecasted FSCRs, which are lower than other MARC-rated independent power producers (IPPs), indicate lower resilience to operational issues that could result in reduced cash flow.
Despite having repaid MYR115m of the bonds' principal and distributed MYR80m of dividends to its shareholders in the fiscal year to 30 September 2009, TTPC's finance service cover ratios (FSCRs) (with cash balances) remained intact at 2.15 times, while FSCR (without cash balances) remained above 1 time.
ANIH's strong CFO generating capability yielded a forward-looking finance service cover ratio (FSCR) for FY2013 of 2.91 times, well above its projected and covenanted FSCRs of 2.39 times and 1.75 times respectively.