FSCWFlorida State College for Women
FSCWFour Star Championship Wrestling (wrestling federation)
FSCWFamily Support and Child Welfare
FSCWFreshman-Sophomore Career Week (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
FSCWFrequency-Stepped Continuous Wave
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For a PMV machine with FSCW, a large number of slots will result in a small per slot cross-section area and a large number of PMs which further reduce utilization of PMs and improve the operating frequency.
However, in the PM machines with fractional-slot concentrated windings (FSCWs) [14], this rule is not very necessary.
The FSCW IPM machine falls in the category of machines with high slot harmonics.
Use of modular stator design can further reduce end-winding length of a FSCW which can also reduce copper loss by reducing winding effective length for a given dimension.
The stator incorporates dedicated FMPs and the FSCW arrangement.
Nevertheless, its FSCW arrangement helps reduce the torque ripple [16].