FSDBFlorida School for the Deaf and Blind
FSDBFaculdade Salesiana Dom Bosco (Portuguese: Dom Bosco Salesian School; Brazil)
FSDBForest Science Data Bank (est. 1948; Quantitative Sciences Group; Oregon)
FSDBFilesystem Database
FSDBFinance Service Delivery Branch
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The FSDB is currently populated with more than 11 million known-good file signatures.
Founded in 1885, FSDB focuses on not only academics, but also independent living skills, transition to college, workforce development skills, on the job training, orientation and mobility and much more.
This presentation describes, how using an ARM Cortex[TM] processor-based design example, engineers are able to take advantage of a typical feature in an emulator to significantly reduce the size of an FSDB file while limiting the loss of power analysis accuracy to acceptable levels.
The work to be completed under this contract generally includes, but is not limited to, the following: Removal of existing boilers and installation of new FSDB supplied boilers all in accordance with the attached Heating Hot Water Primary System Replacement specifications and drawings.
This provides a high-level view of testbench activity that can be analyzed alongside design data (value changes and assertion states) also contained in the FSDB to give a complete picture of the behavior of the entire environment.
FSDB Staff Pre-Bid Workshop Meeting (Closed) 07/31/15 2:30 PM
Through its RTB, designers can perform memory and register read/write, continuous internal state capture and generate waveforms for Novas' waveform format FSDB, the standard Verilog waveform format VCD and Synopsys' waveform format VPD.
Further optimization of FSDB data handling techniques is also expected to yield significant additional improvements.
On the software and stimulus side, PowerTheater 65 enhances designer productivity by improving processing times to handle simulation data in the FSDB format.