FSDOFlight Standards District Office
FSDOFamily Status Discrimination Ordinance (Hong Kong)
FSDOFirst Shot Drop Off (paintball)
FSDOFor Some Definition Of
FSDOFlight Services District Office (various locations)
FSDOFacilities Support Department
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If FSDO completes its inquiry and considers the case to be a valid violation of the FAR, they forward it to the legal office at the FAA Region, where it becomes a formal request for investigation.
In my 44 years working in the engine business, I dealt with numerous different FSDOs and GADOs.
The FSDO probably isn't going to sign off on you carrying your kids, wife and mother-in-law on the flight.
When I landed, I had to call the FSDO about the SFRA.
The FAA changed its policy on pilot enforcement--it wants more matters resolved at the FSDO level, not elevated to an enforcement action to be handled by FAA lawyers.
Technically, both STCs and 337s meet legal requirements, but 337s can reflect different FSDO sensibilities with respect to documentation and testing.
Under political pressure, FSDO inspectors came down on the flight school like a plague of locusts.
With proof of training presented to a FSDO (flight standards district office), the next step is to pass a written exam, an oral test and a practical test, which is issued by an FAA-designated mechanical examiner.
Inspectors from your friendly local FSDO delight in walking the ramp at fly-ins looking for older aircraft that have not had this retrofit.
If you decide that you don't want to cooperate with the inspector and decline the inspection, you may be invited to the FSDO.
I am one of those buyers he mentioned who tried to have an L-3 unit installed to back up the OEM glass in our company's early-generation Cirrus, but after a month of dealing with its FSDO, my shop is ready to give up.
I just spoke with a tower controller, a familiar and friendly voice, who advised me the Miami FSDO now knows about my aircraft, that the FAA in Washington, D.