FSDSFederal Sustainable Development Strategy (Canada)
FSDSFin Stabilized Discarding Sabot
FSDSFemale Sexual Distress Scale
FSDSFlight Software Development System (US NASA)
FSDSForme Santé Détente Seclin (French health club)
FSDSFlight Sim Design Studio (video game)
FSDSFlorida Society of Dermatologic Surgeons
FSDSFixed-Site Decontamination System
FSDSFuel Storage and Delivery System
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A meta-analysis of observational studies noted substantial variations of prevalence estimates of FSD. (5) Overall, the meta-analysis estimated that about 41% of premenopausal women worldwide have any FSD, and approximately 28% of premenopausal women have low sexual desire.
These FSDs are usually given in tooth bounded saddles and for missing anterior teeth.
Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is broadly defined as the various ways in which a female is unable to participate in a sexual relationship as she wishes.
The Female Sexual Distress Scale (FSDS): Initial validation of a standardized scale for assessment of sexually related personal distress in women.
The researchers also evaluated participants according to the FSDS as well as the Sexual Activity Record (SAR), the Patient's Global Assessment of Response to Therapy (PGART), the Patient's Global Assessment of Tolerability to Therapy (PGATT), and their compliance.
These will then be taken to FSDS for militarized testing.
FSDs include interest/arousal, orgasmic and genitopelvic pain/penetration disorders.
Il a rappele que dans le cadre de la loi des finances pour 2008, le Fonds special de developpement du Sud (FSDS), finance depuis 2002 a hauteur de 2% par les recettes de la fiscalite petroliere, prend en charge pres de 50% de la facture de l'electricite des menages et des agriculteurs du Sud.
Replacement of IA compressors at Dukhan Tender no: GT12107900 Description: Engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning (EPIC) for two new instrument air compressor packages at Khatiyah South Degassing Station (KSDS), one new instrument air compressor package at Fahahil South Degassing Station (FSDS), two new instrument air compressor packages at Powered Water Injection Station No 2 (PWI-2), and two new instrument air compressor packages at Powered Water Injection Station No 3 (PWI-3).
The Foundation for Service Dog Support (FSDS), a 501 (c)(3) organization in the Phoenix area, looks to provide service dogs at little to no cost to people such as police officers, firemen, veterans, emergency medical personnel and public school teachers.
The Soldiers who were manning the FSDS spray bars and deck guns launched into action and methodically emplaced the decontaminant on the contaminated area of the container yard.
testing conducted by the TSA-01, Federal Security Directors (FSDs) at