FSDTFinancial Sector Deepening Trust (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
FSDTFormation Sécurité du Travail (French: Occupational Safety Training)
FSDTFirst-Order Shear Deformation Plate Theory (continuum mechanics)
FSDTFlatbed Scanner Digital Telecine
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Several two-term representations of displacements are used primarily intended to avoid the use of shear correction factor in FSDT.
z] = (zq/2) in FSDT but ignored even in the constitutive relations.
Apart from FSDT, one could consider several sixth order theories using f(z) in (28) in conjunction with displacements
The main objective of this paper is verification of the FSDT results for electro elastic analysis of a FGP cylinder.
The radial displacement based on the FSDT is considered as a linear function of thickness, while the plane elasticity theory solves the problem using the analytical method and calculation of characteristic equation [15].
Thermoelastic analysis of a FGP cylinder was investigated using the FSDT and energy method in this work.
In the FSDT, the sections that are straight and perpendicular to the mid-plane remain straight but not necessarily perpendicular after deformation and loading.
Displacements and circumferential stress distributions are obtained using FSDT are compared with the solutions of finite element method (FEM) and are presented in the form of graphs in the Figs.
In this study, the analytical solution of a thick homogenous and isotropic cylindrical shell with variable thickness is presented, making use of the FSDT.