FSEDFull Scale Engineering Development
FSEDFood Service Equipment Day (Twitter hashtag)
FSEDFoundation for Sustainable Enterprise and Development (Ontario, Canada)
FSEDFoundation for Sustainable Economic Development (est. 2000; Australia)
FSEDFree-Standing Emergency Department (healthcare)
FSEDForum Secretariat Energy Division
FSEDFire Support Engineering Division
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The new BFP division will replace the FSED and assume the role of evaluating and enforcing fire safety under the Fire Code of the Philippines.
An FSED can also be located in current competitive markets, potentially gaining additional market share through the offering of a new choice of service to consumers.
However, the IBC requirements are augmented by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 Life Safety Code, which classifies an FSED as an ambulatory healthcare occupancy.
First, Judge Hodges determined that the Court of Federal Claims had jurisdiction to consider all aspects of the termination for default of the FSED A-12 contract, but he urged the parties to settle this termination in McDonnell Douglas Corp.
358 (1996), Judge Hodges determined that termination of the FSED A-12 contract for default was made without reasonable exercise of discretion and, therefore, the termination for default was converted to a termination for convenience.
Thus, BAE Systems was awarded, in November 1999, an extension to its ALR-2002 FSED contract to conduct a project-definition study on the development of a fully configured EW-suite controller as part of ALR-2002.
The contract won by TI and Martin Marietta last 21 June included the first $80 million increment in what is expected to be a total $170 million FSED award.
The scope of FSED Phase 2 programme was to build three prototypes of operational aircraft including trainers and also to build the infrastructure required for producing eight aircraft per year and build eight Limited Series Production (LSP) aircraft.
The team headed by Litton protested the award, alleging that the Navy evaluation only considered the FSED phase, and that their bid, including production options, was lower.
Under the terms of the agreement between Hughes and AEL, each company will develop separate portions of the ASR receiver, but will split production of the 14 FSED service test models being bought under this first contract.