FSEEEForest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics (Washington, DC)
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Stahl: Reddy is FSEEE's invention, our way of providing a more ecological sensible and intelligent message for people than Smokey Bear's message.
Speaking for FSEEE members who are Forest Service employees, they believe that the Forest Service is well served by environmental laws on the books that require thoughtful planning before land management actions occur, promote citizen collaboration and participation in the decisions that affect our public lands, and hold the Forest Service accountable to the public and our environmental laws, through the court system or otherwise.
Blaine and Andy Stahl, executive director of FSEEE, say that decades of fire suppression by the Forest Service have led to the build-up of deadwood and underbrush below the forest canopy, providing the perfect fuel for a fire season that saw more than 5.7 million acres and 2,500 homes destroyed.
First, the district court ruled that ICL and FSEEE properly intervened as a matter of right (414) because they successfully demonstrated a legally protectable interest related to the issue in the case.
It ruled that both ICL and FSEEE had standing to appeal despite USFS's failure to appeal the district court's ruling.
Nonetheless, the court determined that the district court did not abuse its discretion by allowing ICL and FSEEE to permissively intervene.
Moreover, the court determined that ICL and FSEEE had constitutional standing to appeal the case, necessary under precedents that require "independent jurisdictional grounds" for permissive intervention to be proper.
The court then addressed ICL and FSEEE's counter-contention that the plaintiffs lacked constitutional standing to challenge the Roadless Rule.