FSEIFirst Seismic Corp.
FSEIFour Seasons Equipment, Inc. (various locations)
FSEIFachschaft Elektro- und Informationstechnik (German Organization of students of Engineering and Information Technology)
FSEIFood Service Equipment Industry
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No estudo atual, Acaulospora spinosa foi observada apenas em areas de pasto (Tabela 3), cujo teor de MOS esteve em torno de 40 mg [g.sup.-1] de solo, enquanto Entrophospora colombiana foi encontrada nas areas de FSEM, FSEI e pasto (Tabelas 2 e 3) onde os teores de MOS foram, respectivamente, 37, 35 e 40 mg [g.sup.-1] de solo.
Gender harassment, in which students are targeted for failing to follow norms typical for their gender, is a significant part of the sexual harassment problem in schools (FSEI, 2012).
O fragmento possui 190 hectares de area e apresenta tres diferentes estadios de sucessao de Floresta Atlantica, a saber: Floresta Secundaria em Estadio Inicial (FSEI), Floresta Secundaria em Estadio Medio (FSEM) e Floresta Secundaria em Estadio Avancado (FSEA), conforme indicado na Figura 1.
The Forest Service returned with draft supplemental environmental impact statements in 2008 and 2010, each generating over 10,000 public comments, before issuing its FSEIS, in which it reduced grazing to mitigate the risk of domestic sheep spreading disease throughout the bighorn sheep population.
The EPA also argued that the FSEIS concluded construction of Keystone XL could change the economics of oil sands development and result in increased production and GHGs if oil prices remain low.
(ET) to provide their remarks on the letter, the FSEIS, and the path forward for Keystone XL.
The Department of State's FSEIS concluded denial of Keystone XL would not impact the amount of oil produced or refined in North America and they are right.
The 1999 FSEIS also met resistance from the states of Washington and Oregon.
TransCanada Corporation (TSX:TRP) (NYSE:TRP) (TransCanada) is pleased to invite members of the media to participate in a briefing regarding the release of the Keystone XL Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) by the U.S.