FSEOGFederal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
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There are 39,000 students who are the recipients of a FSEOG - many of whom probably also receive a Pell.
Twelve percent of all undergraduates enrolled in 2003-04 received aid through one or more of the federal campus-based Title IV aid programs, which include Perkins loans, federal work-study, and FSEOGs.
Despite these cuts, student aid advocates were counting their blessings because the final 2011 budget passed by Congress was more favorable than a version passed by the House that would have cut Pell Grant awards by as much as $845 and eliminated all funding for the FSEOG program.
This volume provides information about the FSEOG eligibility and payments.
The bill would maintain the authorization for LEAP, increase funding for TRIO and GEAR UP, and increase authorization levels for the campus-based financial aid programs: FSEOG, Federal Work-Study, and Federal Perkins loans.
This volume covers provisions common to the Perkins Loan, FSEOG, and FSW programs, and the next three volumes discuss each of these individually.