FSETFile Set
FSETFederal/State Employment Tax
FSETFood Stamp Employment & Training (Florida)
FSETFood Share Employment and Training Program (Wisconsin)
FSETFleet System Engineering Team
FSETFood Support Employment and Training Program (Department of Employment and Economic Development; Minnesota)
FSETFellow Society for Education and Training (UK)
FSETFunctional Shoulder Elevation Test
FSETForced Swimming Endurance Time (nitrogen dioxide)
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[T.sup.aver.sub.hot,a] = [summation over (f [member of] FSet)] [[mu].sub.T,a] (H, n, [n.sub.a], f) x P (f), (63)
The EDD also is expected this year to implement the Fed/State Employment Taxes (FSET) program, which will allow employers to submit their DE-6s online as a file attachment.
I used the command string: X180, ATOF, "180.0", 0, FSET to put the floating point value 180.0 into a register I called X180 and defined previously as internal register 3.
The company has been providing similar support under previous contracts, through its Fleet System Engineering Team (FSET), since 1999.
Of these persons, 30 percent (15,322) reported that they were subject to the requirements for participation in the JOBS program or the Food Stamp Employment and Training (FSET) program (that is, they were not exempt for reasons such as age, disability, care giver status, or employment for 30 or more hours per week).
This occurs because the extra cash budget costs of this package (A$ 4.8 billion [30]) are more than of fset by the one-off gain in accrued tax revenue resulting from the move to Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) arrangements for company taxation.
But these benefits are of fset by increasing partisanship and divided government, less ability to achieve policy consensus, incremental rather than comprehensive policymaking, and the yet unknown effects of legislative term limits.
With its traditional educational and job training design, coupled with a relatively debt-neutral impact on state budgets, the FSET Venture program is an attractive and easily adaptable initiative for states facing client service challenges in these economic times to emulate.
With our flights of fset from Gambian tree-planting, we spent a conscience-free afternoon on a wild and deserted beach.
As it turns out, the first cross-connect proof of concept test was conducted aboard USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) with the UARNOC in 2007 by Commander, Amphibious Squadron 4's fleet systems engineering team (FSET) support contractors, Allen Knapp and Matthew Klym, who are currently assigned to the Enterprise Strike Group staff.