FSEWFreight Systems Express Wales (transport company; UK)
FSEWFarming Systems Extension Worker (Laos)
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Mr Lacey, originally from Aberdare, joins FSEW with more than a decade of experience in the freight industry, specialising in the European market.
He said: "I've worked with FSEW in various capacities for a number of years and have always been impressed by their professionalism and ambition.
Managing director Geoff Tomlinson, who oversees the T32-strong Cardiff team, said: "Both consumers and businesses have rightly become more and more environmentally conscious over recent years and sustainability and the environment have always been at the core of our values here at FSEW.
FSEW was established by W Geoff Tomlinson in 2002 and T has its own fleet of Euro 6 trucks, which offer improved fuel usage and lower carbon dioxide emissions.
Karl Hadley, business director of Gulliver's said: "We have worked with FSEW for a number of years, ensuring that they have only the highest quality, reliable tractor units for their business.
He said: "My role will consist of taking FSEW out to market, showing new and existing customers all that the company has to offer, especially in terms of its environmentally sound rail offering.
As an organisation, FSEW truly appreciates the value of being close to customers and the importance of face to face contact.
By working closely with FSEW, we are able to make this lane cost-effective as their knowledge of the local market enables us to operate loads in both directions, which is sometimes a hindrance with rail development.
Mr Saunders said: "Even as an outsider it is plain to see that FSEW is an ambitious and exciting company so I was keen to come on board and join this dynamic team.
As well as being named the fastest growing company in Wales in 2005, FSEW is in a unique position in terms of its location.
FSEW, which has a workforce of 30, had a turnover of pounds 8.
Mr Tomlinson said: "Rail is important to FSEW as a way of improving haulage delivery times and in helping to lower our carbon emissions.