FSFLFédération des Sociétés Fribourgeoises de Laiterie (French; Swiss dairy company association; Switzerland)
FSFLFarm Storage Facility Loan (USDA)
FSFLFox Sports Florida
FSFLFree-Standing Fixed Line
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Over the past nine years FSFL has expanded to nine locations in the Dallas Metroplex and eight locations in East Texas and surrounding communities.
FSFL is an individualized, structured program with no limit to duration of participation.
Research evaluating the effectiveness of the FSFL program is done in collaboration with University of Texas at Tyler.
The portfolio consists of Longreach Solar Farm (17 MWp), Oakey 1 Solar Farm (30 MWp) and Oakey 2 Solar Farm (70 MWp) with FSFL acquiring 49% interests in each of Longreach and Oakey 1, and a 100% interest in Oakey 2.
"We are pleased to have worked with FSFL and their team on this milestone transaction.
Ricardo Pineiro, Partner, Foresight Group said: "We are delighted to have made this solar acquisition in Australia on behalf of FSFL. We have enjoyed working closely with Canadian Solar, with whom we look forward to delivering a strong pipeline of future energy projects both in Australia and other international markets."
Ricardo Pineiro, Partner of Foresight Group, said: "We are pleased to have completed FSFL's first overseas acquisition in Australia, alongside the prestigious financial institutions and investors KDB KIAMCO and Hanwha, with support from the CEFC, growing the fund's portfolio to 20 assets with a net capacity of 528MW.
Under the terms of the agreement, FSFL has acquired a 49% interests in each of Longreach and Oakey 1 and a 100% interest in Oakey 2.
The deal will see FSFL taking a 48.5% stake in the solar project.
This deal marks FSFLs first foreign acquisition with the company expanding its portfolio by 11% in capacity to 20 assets with a combined production capacity of 528MW.