FSFMFulton Street Farmers Market (Grand Rapids, MI)
FSFMFédération Syndicale des Familles Monoparentales (French: Trade Union Federation of Single Parent Families)
FSFMFull-Screen Full-Motion
FSFMFeel Sorry for Me (Internet slang)
FSFMFederal Service for Financial Markets, Russia
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In addition to receiving, analyzing and disseminating information from the reporting entities, the FSFM has the responsibility of implementing the state policy to combat money laundering and terrorism financing.
Nearly all financial institutions submit reports to the FSFM via encrypted software provided by the FSFM.
The territorial offices coordinate with regional law enforcement and other authorities to enhance the information flow into the FSFM, and to supervise compliance with anti-money laundering and counterterrorism financing legislation by institutions under FSFM supervision.
During the first eight months of 2006, the FSFM carried out 2,700 financial investigations, referring 1,050 of them to law enforcement agencies for possible criminal investigations.
Following law requirements, Onexim Group has sent a notice to FSFM of a mandatory tender offer to shareholders of remaining 16.
In the end of 2011 Razgulay got permission from FSFM for the issue of 20.
074%), and FSFM is to make a decision within 15-day period.
The new issue is already registered with the FSFM and is going to be in local shares only; accelerated book-building will be sought.
Uranium One: update on bond offering EVENT: Uranium One (UUU) issued, in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federal Service for Financial Markets (FSFM), a press release setting out the process to purchase Series 1 unsecured, nonconvertible, interest-bearing and certificated ruble- denominated bonds, under the previously announced prospectus registered with the FSFM.
With further initiatives from the FSFM (to introduce a requirement for joint stock companies to disclose their ultimate beneficiaries) there is a chance that tightening regulations will force Surguneftegas to at least become slightly more transparent.
Magnit may set placement price in December, shows growth slowdown in October Magnit (LSE, RTS: MGNT) announced on Friday that its new share issue has been registered by the FSFM and shareholders listed as of October 6 can now exercise their pre-emptive rights.
Coal industry: Mechel-Mining addressed the FSFM for the permission to place 25% of the authorised capital stock at London exchange.