FSGLIFamily Servicemember's Group Life Insurance
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The SGLI premium decrease impacts 2.1 million active duty service members, Reservist and National Guard members, while the FSGLI premium decrease impacts nearly 1 million of those members who have coverage for their spouses.
Service members with spouses covered under FSGLI will see an additional average monthly premium decrease ranging from 10 to 32% depending on the age and the amount of coverage for the spouse.
Service members with SGLI and FSGLI coverage will begin seeing a change in the deduction from their pay during the month of July.
Unlike the SGLI premiums, FSGLI premiums fluctuate based on the spouse's age and the amount of coverage purchased.
FSGLI is a program extended to the spouses and children of service members insured under the SGLI program.
And, that's when the automatic enrollment in FSGLI starts; unless the Sailor declines coverage in writing, they are responsible for that premium."
For more information on FSGLI coverage, visit http://www.npc.navy.mil/CommandSupport/CasualtyAssistance/FSGLI/, or call 1-866-U-ASK-NPC.
(100) Traumatic SGLI coverage is not available for FSGLI and VGLI policy holders.
If a servicemember declines SGLI coverage, family members will lose their coverage under FSGLI. The spouse will also be notified that the servicemember has declined the coverage.