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FSGSFocal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis
FSGSFuel Sales Grant Scheme (Australia)
FSGSFaculty, Staff and Graduate Student
FSGSFederation of Swedish Genealogical Societies
FSGSFine-Scale Genetic Structure (biology)
FSGSFocal Segmental Glomerulersclerosis
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The proportion of IgAN, MsPGN, and FSGS tended to drop, that is, 36.
In 56(28%) of patients the primary renal diseases were caused by FSGS on histopathological probing, while MN 28(14%) was the second most common cause as shown in Table 1.
Based on the fact that mtDNA mutations in podocytes were associated with FSGS in two children, Giicer et al.
Recent evidence shows that FSGS is mainly a "podocytopathy" with several podocyte-related molecules implicated in development and course of the disease, which is supported by insights into genetics from hereditary forms [4-6].
The histopathological diagnosis of FSGS should not be equated with an end diagnosis.
4) In a study conducted in the United States, during the 1976 to 1979 period, the relative frequencies of membranous (36%), minimal-change (23%) nephropathies and of FSGS (15%) as causes of unexplained nephrotic syndrome.
The histopathological diagnoses of 6 steroid-resistant patients who underwent biopsy included FSGS (n=3), C1q nephropathy (n=1), diffuse mesangial proliferation (n=1) and membraneous nephropathy (n=1).
FSGS, which damages the kidney's blood filter system was first diagnosed when high levels of protein in Anna-Maria's urine led to her having difficulty passing water.