FSHBFollicle-Stimulating Hormone, Beta Polypeptide
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La FSHB reconnait qu'en faisant l'impasse sur le tournoi de handball feminin des 12eme Jeux africains, elle prive ses joueuses d'une occasion de se regrouper et de se preparer aux prochaines echeances.
As for FSHb, an indel was found to be significantly associated with testis long circumference (TLC) (P = 0.050) and testis weight (TW) (P = 0.001) of 40-day-old Landrace (LD) piglets, with the BB genotype showing the largest testis measurement traits.
Keywords: Pigs; POU1F1 gene; MUC13 gene; FSHb gene; Insertion/deletion (indel).
A 280-bp indel of FSHb has been confirmed in different pig breeds(Zhao et al., 1999).
Related studies have identified a number of different indels in POU1F1, FSHb, and MUC13.
The FSHB gene, located on chromosome 11p13, is composed of three exons but only exons 2 and 3 encode for the mature peptide.
ANEXO I Numero de alelos y rango de tamanos alelicos detectados previamente para diversos loci microsatelites (RM012, BM757, IDVGA055, FCB193, TGLA337, HUJ175, BOVIRBP, TGLA127 y FSHB) en Cervus nippon y C.
The FSHb gene encoding FSH[beta] has been isolated in the human, that encoded a 18 amino acid signal sequence and a 111 amino acid apoprotein (Watkins et al., 1987; Jameson et al., 1988); in the rat, that encoded a 20 amino acid signal peptide followed by a mature protein of 110 amino acid residues (Maurer, 1987; Gharib et al., 1989), in the porcine (Kato, 1988), in the bovine (Esch et al., 1986; Maurer and Beck, 1986), in Chinese hamster (Keene et al., 1989), in the ovine (Guzman et al., 1991), and the equine (Saneyoshi et al., 2001).
To identify the tissue specificity of chicken FSHb mRNA expression, RT-PCR analysis of FSHb and constitutively expressed [beta]-actin was carried out as described previously (Zheng et al., 2006; Wu et al., 2008).
Cloning of the encoding region of chicken FSHb gene
Los microsatelites empleados fueron RM012, BM757, INRA131, IDvGA055, FCB193, TGLA337, HUJ175, BOvIRBP, TGL127 y FSHB (disenados para bovidos; Slate et al.
A total of 15 primer pairs were tested for amplification and sequencing of 13 candidate genes (PTH, CSF2, FOLR1, BDNF, LDHA, RPS13, ADM, CAT, WT1, FSHB, MYOD1, IL4 and ADRB2).