FSIIFuel System Icing Inhibitor (MIL-I-27686)
FSIIFeng Shui Institute International (Canal Winchester, OH)
FSIIFood Safety Information Infrastructure (Food Safety Research Consortium; Gainesville, FL)
FSIIFisher Scientific International Inc. (Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.)
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Further investigation revealed that one container held FSII and the other held DEF, which he mistook for FSII.
"The FSII is the most important of these additives because it prevents the fuel from freezing at very high levels of altitude.
Foram analisadas as variaveis fluorescencia inicial (Fo), maxima (Fm), variavel (Fv), eficiencia quantica do FSII (Fv/Fm) e a razao (Fv/ Fo).
A taxa de transporte de eletrons do FSII tambem tem sido utilizada para estudos de dinamica de herbicidas em diversas plantas (ARALDI, et al., 2011; DAYAN & ZACCARO, 2012), pois permite determinar o efeito da atuacao de herbicidas em concentracao de 0,5 [micro]mol [dm.sup.-3], enquanto o metodo tradicional, que inclui a medicao do parametro Fv/Fm, permite detectar apenas em concentracoes 100 vezes maiores (ABBASPOOR et al., 2006).
Speedo used computational fluid dynamics to develop its Fastskin FSII swimsuit prior to the 2004 Athens Olympics.
Simply put F-24 is Jet A plus the military additives S-1745 (FSII), S-1747 (CI/LI), and SDA.
It states, "In order of decreasing precedence, fuel for Army aviation applications is as follows: 1) JP-8/JP-5 & 2) Jet A/Jet A-1 with SDA, FSII, and CI (DoD, 2006)." Therefore, unless specifically stated, one can assume that all Army aviation applications can use Jet A as a primary or alternate fuel.
You have a degree and an MBA from London Business School as well as your CIMA, banking (ACIB) and stockbroking (FSII) qualifications, yet you're still in your thirties.
The test detects a follicle-stimulating hormone (FSII) in the urine--a high FSH may show a declining estrogen level, indicating the onset of one of the stages of menopause, according to Amerifit.
Speedo's Fast-skin FSII is designed to resemble the skin of a shark and covers a swimmer's entire arms and legs.
Called Fastskin FSII, the two-textured bodysuit imitates the skin of the ocean's top cruiser--the shark.
The Fastskin FSII swimsuit - hailed as the quickest in the world - was given the seal of approval by some of Europe's top Olympic stars yesterday.