FSIMFile System Interface Module (software)
FSIMFlight Simulation
FSIMFeng Shui Institute of the Midwest
FSIMFormation Sécurité Incendie Mobile (French: Mobile Fire Safety Training)
FSIMFunctional Simulation
FSIMFiber Sensor Integrated Monitor
FSIMFixed-Structure Interacting Multiple-Model
FSIMFoxboro Simulation
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FSIM = [summation over (u)] [summation over (v)]S(u,v) x [PC.sub.max](u, v)/[summation over (u)] [summation over (v)][PC.sub.max](u,v), (3)
FSIM index is based on the fact that human visual system understands an image mainly according to its low-level features.
The proposed method ranks first in SSIM score (0.9106) and FSIM score (0.9417) and second in FMI (0.8832), MEF (0.9686), and TMQI (0.9394) scores.
It can be observed that the proposed method outperforms all the competing methods with respect to FSIM and PSNR.
On top of that since the PM gave better BRISQUE scores in 2 types of test images of the same size out of 3 and in only 1 type of test images of the same size out of 4 (smaller than the previous category size), future effort will be dedicated to an "intelligent" or "cognitive" method that would lead to the best visibility desired by gastroenterologists and scores in all types of test images sizes (in terms of BRISQUE, FSIM, etc.).
The MATLAB source codes by the authors of the respective algorithms were used in the experiment for MSSIM, FSIM, SRSIM and ESSIM.
Vegetation changes over time are inputted to the FSim model to estimate burn probabilities for a forested landscape and conditional probabilities of various flame length categories for smaller areas of the landscape.
The performance of various contrast enhancement methods from statistical perspective in terms of contrast enhancement degree (EME), intensity distortion (AMBE), and image quality assessment (FSIM) is also examined.
Each of these 21 decision variables and fsim are subjected to their individual upper and lower bounds (Eqs.
(J.16) .(1)(x)(Fx v Fsim [right arrow] OGx) .(2)(x)(Hx [right arrow] F sim X) .(3)(x)(Hx [right arrow] OCx)(1),(2)
All DSS programs, including Dynsim, FSIM and TRISIM, can communicate easily among themselves, enabling seamless integration options for meeting specific plant requirements.