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FSKFrequency Shift Keying
FSKFreiwillige Selbstkontrolle (German movie rating organization)
FSKFrancis Scott Key
FSKFrancis Scott Key High School (Union Bridge, MD)
FSKFoil/Scrim/Kraft (tape)
FSKForces de Sécurité du Kosovo (French: Security Forces in Kosovo; Kosovo)
FSKFrance Shotokan Karaté (French martial arts school)
FSKFrancis Scott Key Bridge (Maryland)
FSKForsvarets Spesial Kommando (norwegian special forces)
FSKFarming Systems Kenya (Kenya)
FSKFremdsprachenkorrespondent (German: foreign language correspondent)
FSKFederalnaya Sluzhba Kontrazwedki (Russian: Federal Counter-Intelligence Service)
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For equiprobable FSK signaling, the signal has equal energy and the optimal detection rule is given.
Bethlehem Steel Corporation, whose official have been cooperative in providing the land needed to build the dual-lane highway at ground level, and the Port of Baltimore, which has two major terminals in proximity to the FSK Bridge, all stand to benefit from improved access to their facilities.
We also see the news as relatively positive for MRSK Holding minorities, as the risks of FSK extracting value from the MRSKs are now reduced (FSK currently manages MRSK Holding, and previously proposed consolidation schemes envisaged FSK gaining control of MRSK Holding, which would give FSK the power to extract value from the MRSKs, for instance via redistribution of tariffs).
We think the negative impact would be concentrated on FSK and other state-owned companies such as RusHydro and OGK-2, which would be required to finance a project motivated solely by the political needs of the government.
Maximum input level is -10 dBm at FSK and -20 dBm at ASK.
FSK reported its 1H12 IFRS financial results yesterday (15 Nov), which look fairly weak overall: EBITDA and net income, both adjusted for non-recurring items, decreased by 14% and 36% YoY to RUB37.
Another Scheme to Merge FSK and MRSK Holding Proposed; Moderately Positive for MRSK Holding
Modulation schemes include PWM, AM, PM, FM, ASK, FSK, and PSK.
Integration Associates has unveiled its EZRadio FSK (frequency shift keying) wireless chipsets, the IA4420 and IA4421 transceivers.
FSK Agrees on RUB13bn price for DRSK: Positive for DVEC, VRAO and RusHydro, Negative for FSK