FSKBFakulti Sains Kesihatan Bersekutu (Malay: Faculty of Allied Health Sciences; National University of Malaysia)
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The break down of the samples according to faculties is as follows: (i) the faculty of economy and business (FEP) was 114; (ii) faculty of pharmacy (FFarm) was 36; (iii) faculty of engineering and built environment (FKejut) was 129; (iv) faculty of education (FPend) was 282; (v) faculty of Islamic Studies (FIslam) was 113; (vi) faculty of dentistry (FGigi) was 49; (vii) faculty of medicine (FPeb) was 82; (viii) faculty of science and technology (FST) was 193; (ix) faculty of allied health science (FSKB) was 49; (x) faculty of social science and humanities (FSSK) was 125; (xi) faculty of technology and information science (FTSM) was 33, and (xii) faculty of law (FUnd) was 57.