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FSLFlorida State League
FSLFrench as a Second Language
FSLForensic Science Laboratory (various organizations)
FSLFirstsource Solutions Ltd. (various locations)
FSLFood Security and Livelihood (hunger prevention)
FSLFinlands Svenska Lärarförbund (Swedish: Finnish Swedish Teachers; union)
FSLFonds de Solidarité Logement (French: Housing Solidarity Fund)
FSLFast Simplex Link
FSLFoundstone Scripting Language
FSLForecast Systems Laboratory (NOAA)
FSLFederal, State, Local
FSLFluid Science Laboratory
FSLFidelity Security Life (insurance; Kansas City, MO)
FSLFoundation for Senior Living (Phoenix, AZ)
FSLFull Supply Level
FSLFree Space Loss (propagation loss)
FSLFast Simplex Link (uni-directional point-to-point communication channel bus)
FSLFood Safety Laboratory (various locations)
FSLFMRIB Software Library
FSLFiscal Services Limited (Jamaica)
FSLFrench As Second Language
FSLFleet Support Limited (Portsmouth, UK)
FSLFire Services Levy (insurance, Australia)
FSLFull Service Leasing
FSLFlight Simulation Laboratory (various organizations)
FSLFinite State Language
FSLFurniture Symbol Library (space planning software)
FSLFoundstone Scripting Language (programming)
FSLFirst Sea Lord (British Navy)
FSLFull Stop Landing
FSLForeign Secretary Level (international talks)
FSLFlight System Laboratory
FSLFramework Standard Library (software)
FSLForward Stocking Location
FSLField Stocking Location
FSLFull Service Level (FAA)
FSLFragg Show Lübeck (gaming clan)
FSLFinancial Services Licensee
FSLFrame Sync Length
FSLForms Source Language
FSLFinancial Services Lab
FSLForward Supply Location
FSLFunded Staffing Level
FSLFerrite Single Line
FSLFive Star Logistics Ltd. (Comet Shipping Agencies Nigeria Ltd.)
FSLFlip Side Legends
FSLFuture Sustainability Leadership (Australia)
FSLFrank-Starling Law
FSLForward Staging Location
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FSL sewing machine: Freestanding Vintage Sewing Machine Collection 12698; embroideryonline.com
"It is very important for health workers to be aware and educated with the basic FSL to be able to convey their messages and instructions on the services they render to their deaf patient," said Janairo.
The Director of the FSL was emphatic that the facility was undergoing maintenance, and that the court should give them up to the end of this month (May), to complete the rehabilitation.
Section 4-A of the Sindh Arms Act deals with the ballistic signature, whereby the arms dealer must provide biometric verification details as well as copies of the CNIC of the purchaser to the FSL for record-keeping.
The FSL chief filed a report disclosing that neither arms dealers had ever sent spent bullet casings test-fired from new weapons to register them nor had the provincial government issued them any directive in this regard.
Operating LLC, OKC; Red Elk 9-16-0904 1WXH (HRZ); SHL ne nw se 9-9n-4w, 2285' fsl & 1700' fel; DHL se se se 16-9n-4w, 50' fsl & 380' fel; TD 17034' TVD 8819' Woodford
" In the same resolution, he said, candidates are also encouraged to ensure the availability of their respective printed campaign materials in Braille.The FSL Law requires the use of sign language interpretations in broadcast and online media as soon as the standards have been set.
The FSL further been bifurcated into chemical section for arms, document section and photography.
11106, otherwise known as 'The Filipino Sign Language Act,' which also mandates the use of FSL in schools, broadcast media, and in workplaces.
HB 7503 mandates the state to ensure the Filipino deaf can exercise the right to expression and opinion by requiring the use of FSL in schools, broadcast media, and workplaces when communicating with the deaf.
Frontline has agreed to a total compensation payment to Ship Finance of $10.125M for the termination of these charters, which will be paid by Frontline in the form of three promissory notes, and Frontline and FSL will be released from all of their other respective obligations in relation to these vessels.
For whole-brain volume loss, the reproducibility of Jacobian Integration (JI) and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain Software Library (FSL) was similar; JI gave more precise, less biased estimates than FSL for specific brain regions.