FSLMFemmes Sous Lois Musulmanes (French: Women Living Under Muslim Laws)
FSLMFinite State Linear Model (gene modelling)
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The optimal factor [F.sub.3] coefficient of the FSLM in Table 8 is 0.6259, indicating that the minority customs have a significant impact on the divorce rate.
From comparing the adjusted [R.sup.2], AIC, and SC, spatial regression model is superior to the ordinary least-squares regression model, and FSLM can better explain the space effect of the divorce rate in China.
Regression coefficient standard deviation Constant 8.39E-06 0.1119 [F.sub.1] 0.2282 0.1137 [F.sub.2] -1.1814 0.17378 [F.sub.3] 0.827 0.1738 [R.sup.2] 0.6509 LogL Adjusted [R.sup.2] 0.6121 AIC F value 16.7821 SC J-B test 2 B-P test 2 Moran's I 0.1524 LMLAG 1 R-LMLAG 1 LMERR 1 R-LMERR T statistic P values Constant 7.50E-05 1 [F.sub.1] 2.0069 0.0549 [F.sub.2] -6.7983 0 [F.sub.3] 4.7589 0.0001 [R.sup.2] -27.1647 Adjusted [R.sup.2] 62.3293 F value 68.0653 J-B test 0.4662 0.7921 B-P test 1.5235 0.6768 Moran's I 2.0306 0.0423 LMLAG 7.0266 0.008 R-LMLAG 6.364 0.01165 LMERR 1.4141 0.2344 R-LMERR 0.7515 0.386 Table 7: FSLM and FSEM of maximum likelihood (ML) estimation.
Aldrees adds: "FSLM and PCB are of limited use on sharply angled sections due to economic and technical issues.
Like with FSLM, PSM involves the use of launching gantry machines to manoeuvre pre-cast elements into position.
Like the Pre-Cast Beam method, PSM is being used to install spans at a rate of approximately one per day - though like the FSLM technique, a three-month lead time was required to teach the teams how to use the launching gantry system.
This technique is used where longer spans are required, and FSLM and PSM launching gantries are unable bridge the gap.