FSOPFeik School of Pharmacy (University of the Incarnate Word)
FSOPFull Scale Output
FSOPFlorida School of Preaching (Lakeland, FL)
FSOPField Standard Operating Procedure
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Previous studies have shown that FSOP is a significant predictor of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover intentions, above and beyond family-friendly benefit availability and supervisor support [14].
Family-supportive organization perceptions (FSOP), which are defined as "the global perceptions that employees form regarding the extent to which the organization is family-supportive" (Allen, 2001, p.
Finally, I believed that self-efficacy would moderate the relationship between PO fit and WLB because the interaction between PO fit and self-efficacy would be stronger when FSOP was high than when it was low.
With the permission of the chief executive officer and human resource management department, I surveyed team members using paper surveys that included measures of PO fit perception, self-efficacy, FSOP, and WLB.
FSOP were measured with five items sourced from Allen (2001).
The analyses included a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) of the measures of PO fit, WLB, self-efficacy, and FSOP. The four-factor CFA demonstrated acceptable fit with the data, [chi square] (df = 176) = 415.90, p < .001 (comparative fit index = .97, Tucker-Lewis index =.
The results of the hierarchical regression analyses supported Hypothesis 2 (see Table 2), showing that the three-way interaction among perceived PO fit, FSOP, and self-efficacy was positively associated with WLB ([beta] = .09,p < .05).
In this study, I investigated the relationship between PO fit and WLB and found that the two variables were significantly related, and that there was a three-way interaction among PO fit, self-efficacy, and FSOP on WLB.
* Such "battle drills" are no substitute for primary reference research / consultation, such as Field Manuals (FMs), Tactical SOPs (TACSOPs) and Field SOPs (FSOPs).