FSPDFaculté de Science Politique et de Droit (French: School of Political Science and Law; Canada)
FSPDFrankfort Square Park District (Illinois)
FSPDFachverband Schweizerischer Privat Detektive (German: Swiss Association of Private Investigators; Zurich, Switzerland)
FSPDFort Smith Police Department (Arkansas)
FSPDFreeze Speed Parameter
FSPDFood Safety and Product Development (Angelo State University laboratory; San Angelo, TX)
FSPDFunctional Stenosis with Pouch Dilatation (surgery)
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In addition, the peaks at 950 [cm.sup.-1] and 1080 [cm.sup.-1] related to the vibrational modes of Si-O-Ti [56] were observed for the samples FSPB, FSPC, and FSPD. This is an indication of the bond formation between Ti[O.sub.2] photocatalysts and perlite substrate during the FSP processing.
It can be seen that the FSPA and FSPD Ti[O.sub.2]/perlite composite samples exhibited improved photocatalytic activity in comparison to P25.
Dispersion flow Sheath flow Samples rates L [min.sup.-1] rates L [min.sup.-1] P25 FSPA 14.0 20.0 FSPB 19.0 28.9 FSPC 17.3 38.8 FSPD 10.9 55.0 Syringe pump Samples rates mL [min.sup.-1] [d.sub.A] nm P25 20 FSPA 12.0 24 FSPB 10.0 29 FSPC 12.0 27 FSPD 10.0 30 Samples [d.sub.R] nm WA (%) (%) P25 27 85 15 FSPA 30 48 52 FSPB 42 72 28 FSPC 31 70 30 FSPD 28 55 45 Table 2: Measured BET SSA of the Ti[O.sub.2]/perlite composites and calculated SSA of their Ti[O.sub.2] component with respect to the total oxygen flow rate.