FSPHFrench School of Public Health
FSPHForum Social du Pays de Herve (Herve Social Forum; Herve, Belgium)
FSPHFriendly Society Private Hospital (Australia)
FSPHFons Scientia Publication House (est. 2012)
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A more likely solution is offered by the FSPH, which suggests that Poe, though nominally committed to rationalism, was nevertheless centrally concerned with intuitions derived from supernatural cognition.
Thus, the FSPH explains the slippage of the rational into the supernatural that forms such a problem in the appreciation of Poe's detective fiction.
On the face of it, Holmes--much as the FSPH would lead one to expect--exhibits near-infallibility; in Robert Paul's words, "his universal surveillance and unfailing rightness ensure that all will be well in this best of all possible worlds" (58).
My suggestion is that the FSPH offers a more satisfying solution to the problem.
To this extent, Holmes's inconsistent encyclopaedia reproduces the domain specificity intuitively assigned to supernatural moral monitors--and thus the FSPH elegantly resolves a puzzling textual inconsistency in the Holmes narratives.
As a Catholic apologist, Chesterton naturally adopted the third position; what is interesting is how the Father Brown stories allow him to do this--and here, again, the FSPH proves its usefulness.
Thus, the FSPH plays a crucial role in establishing the Father Brown stories as spiritual allegories in which "the great human adventure of fall and redemption, sin and salvation, [are] mirrored ...