FSPSForeign Service Pension System
FSPSFlorida Society of Plastic Surgeons
FSPSFort Smith Public Schools (Fort Smith, AR)
FSPSFrance Sécurité Protection Services (French security company)
FSPSFriendly Societies Protection Scheme (UK)
FSPSFacility Support Plan
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Through partnering with financially sustainable Financial Service providers (FSPs) and helping them to become industry leaders in their respective markets, Arise aims to contribute to the economic growth potential of Africa, whilst at the same time achieving long-term investment returns.
"The benefit to the financial system will accrue from seamless access of CMS to the Nodal Officers of banks / Financial Service Providers (FSPs).
The recently acquired Abe AI, and their industry-leading conversational solution will enable consumers to speak naturally and engage in human-like dialogue with their FSP. Consumers will benefit from this state-of-the-art user experience, build better financial relationships with their FSPs, and improve their financial wellness.
If FSPs keep adopting one-size-fits-all approaches and creating products from the standpoint of what they think consumers need as opposed to what consumers actually need, they are likely to misidentify their needs.
The regulations require all financial service providers (FSPs), including banks, credit unions, trust and loan companies, and others, to confirm the existence of any beneficial owner and take reasonable measures to confirm the accuracy of the information obtained about an entity when it opens an account and in other specified circumstances.
"Apparently there was no instruction from the HO (home office) on the appropriate action to be taken by the FSPs on the unutilized blood monies," said COA.
We would also like to set the minimum support threshold to a small percentage in order to include more FSPs. In our experiments, we set the minimum support to 5%.
This paper mapped FSPs and all kinds of constraint mechanisms to travelling salesman problems (TSPs), through which a large volume of achievements concerning TSP model and its algorithm is obtained (Wang, 2012; Tapan et al., 2006).
In addition, kinematic determinations of FSP for each of the three conditions were made and the effects of condition and running velocity on FSPs were assessed.
* Functional Service Providers (FSPs): Sponsor selects CROs on basis of specific capabilities
The cornerstone of the MHSA was the implementation of Full Services Partnerships (FSPs).