FSQFour Seasons Quality (hotel; Netherlands)
FSQFull Service Quality
FSQFlow Service Quality
FSQFédération de la Santé du Québec (French: Quebec Health Federation; Quebec, Canada)
FSQFitness Screening Questionnaire (US Air Force)
FSQFunctional Skills Qualification (education; UK)
FSQFunctional Status Questionnaire (primary care studies)
FSQFood Safety and Quality (Animal Health and Production Compendium)
FSQFree Sale Quota (coffee trade; India)
FSQFour Star Quartet (Milwukee, WI musical group)
FSQFondation des Sourds du Québec Inc. (French: Quebec Foundation for the Deaf Inc; Quebec, Canada)
FSQFriendship Star Quilters (Maryland)
FSQFull-Spectrum Quantization
FSQFeeling State Questionnaire
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Hasta donde sabemos, el FSQ se ha validado a la poblacion alemana (Rinck et al, 2002, n= 165), francesa (Delroisse y Philippot, 2007, n= 277) y turca (Booth, Peker y Oztop, 2016, n= 137).
The study employed four questionnaires: the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale-21 (DASS; deBeurs, vanDyck, Marquenie, Lange, & Blonk, 2001); the Acceptance and Action Questionnaire-II (AAQ-II, 7-item version; Bernaerts, De Groot, & Kleen, 2012); and the Fear of Spiders Questionnaire (FSQ; Muris & Merckelbach, 1996); a fear-related verbal rehearsal task; three IRAPs (i.e., Practice-IRAP, Fear-IRAP, and Avoidance-IRAP); and a behavioral approach task (BAT).
In this connection, the National Productivity Organization (NPO), Ministry of Industries in collaboration with APO (Asian Productivity Organization) is organizing an international programme on Food Safety & Quality (FSQ) Standards for Market Access.
Fear of spiders was assessed with two self-report questionnaires; the Spider Phobia Questionnaire (SPQ: [27]; German version: [22]) and the Fear of Spiders Questionnaire (FSQ: [28]; German version: [22]).
Significant differences were found for 3 subscales of the FSQ (where a higher score indicates improvement); psychological function (PF), work performance (WP), and quality of interaction (QI).
Rohde & Schwarz also announced an expanded frequency range for its FSQ series signal analyzer to 40 GHz and a new power range for its spectrum analyzers.
4 FASQ Seltzer, Granger, & 1982 Wineberg FIM Hamilton 1987 FLIC Schipper, Clinch, 1984 McMurray, & Levitt FSI Jette 1980 FSQ Jette et al.
The new FSQ spectrum analyzer, with wideband IQ demodulation, combines functions of both spectrum analysis and vector signal analysis in one box to pair best-in-class performance with integrated IQ bandwidth at 28 MHz.
IP=Differentials measure the difference between the industry premium received by the employees and the self-employed Table 6: Mean and Median IP-Differentials(1) (1996 Census, One-Digit Industries) Average Median MNQ -0.10412 -0.06141 MPQ -0.05310 -0.03351 MSQ -0.01224 -0.04040 MHQ 0.03398 0.04603 FNQ -0.09723 -0.03033 FPQ -0.05048 0.02735 FSQ 0.03234 0.07344 FHQ 0.06514 0.07849 M=Male, F=Female, NQ=No Educational Qualification, SQ=School Qualification and/or Trade Certificates, PQ=Primary School Qualification, HQ=University Degree.
This so-called free sale quota - FSQ, to use the jargon parlance in India's coffee circles - would mean that planters can sell directly to buyers in India or export their produce.