FSRIFlorida Space Research Institute
FSRIFédération des Socialistes Révolutionnaires Indépendants de France (French: Federation of Independent Socialist Revolutionaries of France)
FSRIFlorida Sinkhole Research Institute
FSRIFaking Smart Research Institute (humor website)
FSRIFamily Service of Rhode Island (Providence, RI)
FSRIFarming Systems Research Institute (Thailand)
FSRIFire Service Research Institute
FSRIFinance Success in Recruitment Industry
FSRIFachschaftsrat Informatik (German: Computer Science Student Representatives; University of Duisburg-Essen; Essen, Germany)
FSRIFinancial Services for Reinsurance
FSRIForeign Source Retirement Income
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Qualifications: Students must successfully complete seven courses for FSRI certification: the three-course Level 1 program; the three-course Level 2 program; and the single-course Level 3 program.
Although the 2002 FSRI Act reinstated domestic sugar production restrictions, recent trade negotiations have complicated the USDA's ability to control total US sugar supplies.
(58) Para el sector de acueducto y saneamiento basico los FSRI son de caracter municipal.
FSRI measures the availability, stability and access to basic foods stock plus impact on nutrition and health that result from food insecurity.
Sin embargo, con la expedicion del Decreto 57 de 2006 le traslada, por via reglamentaria, a un sector de la sociedad (los usuarios 5 y 6 y los comerciales e industriales) la financiacion del servicio universal y, en la practica deja sin efectos los FSRI al quitar la responsabilidad al Estado de cumplir con la obligacion legal y constitucional de cubrir los desequilibrios de esos fondos.
upland cotton producers under the FSRI Act of 2002 is a "significant price suppression" within the meaning of Article 6.3(c).
Because some samples were duplicated (collected from the same backyard or farm or from birds of the same species with similar disease signs), 36 influenza (H5N1) isolates were deposited at the repository of FSRI "Vector." Because most cases of human H5N1 infection are related to direct contact with infected poultry, we chose 7 poultry isolates for further characterization (Table 1, Figure 1).
If you can get out of a burning structure, get out, explains Steve Kerber, FSRIs Research Director.
Description: The FSRI program addresses the diverse viewpoints of retail and institutional marketplaces, public- and private-sector plans, tax issues and asset accumulation and decumulation topics.
SWCS concluded that much has been accomplished over the past two years--most of the funding the law provided for conservation programs through fiscal year 2004 has been realized and most of the basic conservation components of FSRI have been put in place.
On May 13, 2004--the second anniversary of FSRI's enactment--SWCS released a new report analyzing what Congress and the Administration have done to date to implement the law.
On may 13, 2002, President Bush signed the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 (FSRI) into law Many people have suggested the Conservation Title of the law fails short of what could have been accomplished.