FSSLFlorida Suncoast Soccer League
FSSLFirst Securities Services Limited (Bangladesh)
FSSLFredericton Senior Soccer League (Canada)
FSSLForensic Science Service Laboratory (law enforcement)
FSSLFire Support Safety Line
FSSLFederal Stafford Student Loan
FSSLFunding Source Summary Ledger (Kentucky)
FSSLFault Sample Selection List
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Mr Smart was denied a payout last year after a judge ruled that FSSL did not owe him a "duty of care".
Led by top QC, Pete Weatherby - who is representing the Hillsborough Justice Campaign at the fresh inquests - Mr Smart is pursuing a deceit claim that crucial exhibit records were altered and that at least one member of FSSL staff either knew that the 'bullet'' was not a live round or was "recklessly indifferent" to the truth.
It was submitted to FSSL for testing and a report was returned stating that it was live ammunition.
He set up FSSL with his co-defendant Mr Hadley, an apprentice electrician and part-time bouncer the following day.
The origination fees on the FSSL (as well as the Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan (FUSL), discussed below) phase out at half a point per year, until they are completely phased out in 2010.
The loan amount, interest rate and repayment terms are the same as for an FSSL, except that the interest is not subsidized by the Federal government while the student is in college.