FSSMFaculty of Sciences Semlalia (Cadi Ayyad University; Morocco)
FSSMFormal Specifications Strategies Maturity Model (software development)
FSSMFinite-State Sequential Machine
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Therefore, a person examining a digital image taken with the miniature TB objective (digital FSSM) would count all the bacteria that they would have counted by examining the same field of view through the microscope (standard FSSM).
When examining a sputum smear in SSM or FSSM, the procedure involves not only determining whether or not AFBs are present, but also determining the average number of bacteria found per microscopic field.
Standard FSSM Counting .--The pathologist counted the AFBs in 10 of 100 tiles of each reticule by using the Zeiss Primo Star clinical microscope at x 400 magnification (x 40 objective, x 10 eyepiece).
Digital FSSM Counting .--Sixteen to 20 overlapping digital images were taken of each tile by another researcher and stitched together with a custom MATLAB (Math Works, Natlick, Massachussets) script.
The data in these tables are plotted in Figure 10 as digital FSSM counts versus standard FSSM counts.
The results of this experiment show that digital FSSM counts are higher than standard FSSM counts, whether these counts are compared for each data set (paired, 1-tailed t test; P < .001 and P = .005 for 1 + and 3 + data sets, respectively) or combined (P = .005).
The goal of this experiment was to estimate the sensitivity and specificity of a diagnostic examination performed by using the miniature objective and digital FSSM and to compare the diagnostic performance to standard FSSM.
Without predefined fields of view, there was little chance that the same field of view could be examined with both standard and digital FSSM; therefore, only sensitivity and specificity were compared in this experiment, not bacterial counts.
4) For moving to the next higher FSSM level, identify the corresponding generic strategy in Figure 1.
We first performed a logical validation of the structure of the FSSM model by carrying out a series of broad deductions to show that a generic strategy implies the capability for the high-level formal specifications process attributes for the corresponding level of FSM shown in Table 3.
Second, the strategy was classified into one of the five generic strategies in the left panel of Figure 1 and the corresponding level determined in the right panel (steps 3 and 4 in Figure 2), which is just operating the first three steps of the procedure for using FSSM that was given in the preceding section.
Observe that the two levels agree, which is in favor of the applicability of the FSSM model.