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FSSTFour Square Step Test (balance)
FSSTField Service Shock Test (US Navy)
FSSTFlandreau Santee Sioux Tribe (Indian tribe)
FSSTFalling Stage Systems Tract
FSSTForensic Science Service Tasmania (Australia)
FSSTForward Space Support to Theater
FSSTFixed Sample Size Test
FSSTFixed Site Satellite Terminal
FSSTFreeze Slow Start Threshold
FSSTFire Support Simulations Trainer
FSSTFull-Scale Smoke Testing
FSSTFinancial Services to Schools Team
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Trends are shown based on (a) the latitude of the tropospheric (850-300 hPa) zonal wind maxima (JET); and (b) the latitude where the mean meridional circulation (MMC) at 500 hPa becomes zero on the poleward side of the subtropical maximum for 7 reanalyses (black) and 10 CAM5 AMIP-constant-forcing simulations driven by the forced (FSST; cyan) and unforced (UFSST; blue) component of SSTs.
Caption: Figure 2: Results from functional locomotor outcome measures (mean [+ or -] standard deviation): (a) gait speed in the fast-paced dual-task walking condition; (b) results for the Timed Up and Go test (TUG); (c) swing-time variability in the fast-paced dual-task walking condition; (d) the results for the Four Step Square Test (FSST).
Interest in using the FSST to assess dynamic balance in people with stroke is growing.
Panasonic is ready to extend its successful FSST business model to international markets including the Middle East," Satoshi Takeyasu, Panasonic Corporation's executive officer and director of the grou-wide brand communication division, told Khaleej Times.
For each partition [p.sub.i], all frequent sets with [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] least 3 (FSST [is greater than] 2) and association rules with precondition support greater than 5 generated.
(21) Third, by remaining a state of limited gaming, South Dakota has satisfied the IGRA's requirement of good faith in its recent gaming compact negotiations with the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe (FSST).
(5) The court affirmed the South Dakota Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance Division's (Department) decision validating the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe's (FSST) decision to terminate its employee for violating the FSST's political speech policy, precluding the tribal member employee from collecting unemployment insurance.