FSSWFox Sports Southwest
FSSWFédération Suisse de Ski Nautique et Wakeboard (French: Swiss Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation; Switzerland)
FSSWFriction Stir Spot Welding
FSSWF-Secure Startup Wizard
FSSWFull Service Sex Worker
FSSWFriends' School Saffron Walden (UK)
FSSWFamily and Society Studies Worldwide (database)
FSSWFoundation Skills in Seasonal Workplaces (project; New Zealand)
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The effect of process parameters on the mechanical properties, microstructure, and fatigue behavior during the FSSW of divergent series of aluminum alloys, copper alloys, magnesium alloys, steels, and dissimilar metals were investigated by many researchers [8-13].
Larvae from each tank were collected from the drain-down sieves, rinsed with FSSW, and 10 ml of larvae from each tank were placed into a sterile tube.
Thermo-mechanical modeling of friction stir spot welding (FSSW) process: use of an explicit adaptive meshing scheme.
When Fd > 1.0, the FSSW becomes dominant, with the presence of a strongly interacting breaking wave.
Due to FSSW's technical advantages, including its ability to join dissimilar alloys easily, interest has increased in FSSW as a substitute for RSW in joining similar or dissimilar ferrous alloys in automotive applications.
The cultures were centrifuged at 2,300 X g for 10 min and washed twice with FSSW to harvest the cells.
The papers [3, 4] present experimental investigations on the influence of the tool geometry on stir spot weld hook formation and static strength of FSSW joints, still, there are not a lot of studies dealing with the influence of the tool rotation speed, tool plunge rate and dwell time on the FSSW process.
Conventional FSSW was invented by Mazda Motor Corporation in 1993 [8], which is similar in concept and appearance to its predecessor FSW.
The Rangers current deal with FSSW was concluded in 2000.