FSTATForce Status and Monitoring (US DoD)
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Using data from the optimized and validated marker suite, several molecular diversity indices were calculated for each microsatellite locus using the Microsoft Excel add-in GenAlEx, GenePop, Arlequin, and FSTAT 2.9.3 (Goudet 1995).
FSTAT, a program to estimate and test gene diversities and fixation indices (version from Goudet.
Pairwise exact genotypic differentiation tests performed by FSTAT and Genepop showed that--except the pair B, K--all the herds can be treated as separate units, distinct from each other (p<0.05).
Buscando verificar algum padrao de agrupamento entre as populacoes estudadas, foram gerados, com o auxilio do programa FSTAT versao (GOUDET, 2002), dendrogramas atraves do metodo UPGMA a partir das distancias geneticas de Nei (1972) obtidas entre as populacoes e a estabilidade dos nos foi verificada pelo metodo de reamostragem bootstrap (10.000 repeticoes).
Linkages between each marker were measured using Fstat v2.9.3.2, and 15 loci were selected (unpublished data).
Estimates of genetic variation within each year and comparisons between the two colonies were made using the software programs FSTAT (http::\\www.unil.
Basic descriptive statistics of microsatellite variation, including number of alleles (NA), expected heterozygosity ([H.sub.E], Nei's unbiased gene diversity), and the inbreeding coefficient ([F.sub.IS]), were calculated using FSTAT (ver.