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|750 FSupp 421 (DC, Ariz., 1990)~ where an S corporation law practice paid no salary to its sole shareholder who served as the corporation's president and only full-time attorney.
In Hempt Bros., Inc., 354 FSupp 1172 (MD PA 1973), the court held that "the term encompasses whatever may be transferred." An interest in a partnership or an LLC (taxed as a partnership) transferred to a corporation is also property for Sec.
Zabel: In Zabel, 995 FSupp 1036 (DC NE 1998), a trust's income was split between charitable and noncharitable beneficiaries, with the remainder to a charity.
Fischer, 441 FSupp 32 (ED PA 1977) ("absence of an unconditional fight to demand payment is practically conclusive that an advance is equity").
Center City Motors, Inc., 609 FSupp 409, 412 (SD CA 1984) ("It clearly intended to prevent a business from limiting its responsibilities under ERISA by the fractionalization of its business operations.") and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.
As interpreted by the Service and endorsed by some courts (see Northern Trust, 210 FSupp 955 (ND IL 2001) and Shell Petroleum, 47 Fed.
(29) William Goichman, 407 FSupp 980 (ED PA 1976), aff'd per curiam 547 F2d 778 (3d Cir.