FSVCFinancial Services Volunteer Corps
FSVCFédération des Syndicats Viticoles de Crus (French: Viticultural Federation of Trade Unions of Crus)
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"This web portal is a clear indicator that Moldova is moving towards increasing government accountability, and FSVC encourages Moldovan institutions to continue these efforts," added Charles E.
The FSVC's program will complement and support the overall IFMIS project's goals and objectives by assisting the ministries and provinces that already have the system in place, maximizing effective usage of the system.
The FSVC, a non-profit public-private partnership whose mission is to help build the sound financial systems needed to support robust market economies in transition and developing countries, approached Alpha Sirius Inc.
HSBC launched the FSVC in order to provide guidance and advice as to how it will strengthen capabilities and enforce standards in combating financial crime.
Given the popularity of the portal, HSBC and FSVC have already begun kicking around ideas on how to expand the project.
FSVC is a private-public partnership that enables developing and emerging market countries to realize economic opportunities by recruiting financial, legal and regulatory experts as volunteers to work with in-country partners.
Anthony Randazzo, FSVC Regional Director for the Balkans, notes that the project in Kosovo was unique due to the current political situation.
The course being taught by Ewing is part of a larger effort by FSVC to develop and reform financial markets around the globe.
In addition to his work at Harvard, he currently serves as a director at Swiss Re, a leading global re-insurer, and was recently elected to the board of the Financial Services Volunteers Corps (FSVC).
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