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FT1Fire Control Technician First Class (Naval Rating)
FT1Fractional T-1 Carrier
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FT1 services, such as our pioneering Intelliflex, uses a software-controlled digital cross-connect switch (DCS) to subdivide or 'open' a full DS-1 circuit into 24 DS-0 (64-kb/s) channels.
As Table 2 shows, each sample consists of 6 sets of 20 features per one key; 5 "time" features (DT, FT1, FT2, FT3, and FT4), 2 "size" features (sizeDn and sizeUp), 2 "coordinate" features (XyDn and XyUp), 3 "acc" features (x, y, and z), 3 "grot" features (x, y, and z), and 3 "gyr" features (x, y, and z); thus, one sample has 120 features in total.
Component Stock concentration Cuvette concentration FT1, buffer Buffer * CENTA 5mM 240 [micro]M AmpC 13.85 [micro]M 130 nM FT2, milk Milk ** CENTA 5mM 240 [micro]M AmpC 13.85 [micro]M 130 nM FT3, antibiotic Milk ** CENTA 5 mM 240 [micro]M AmpC 13.85 [micro]M 130 nM Cloxacillin 0.5 [micro]M 5 nM 10 nM Table 3: Nominal concentrations of the standards realized for calibration and verification.
Figure 2 exhibited, the untreated fibers having the least crystallinity index of 65.5% whereas it was improved in treated fibers to 74.4% and 72.87% in FT1 and FT2, respectively.
Only yesterday, a French poll conducted by French Television 1 (FT1) came up showing that 88 percent of the French people supported the French delegation's visit to Syria.
* Toyota FT1 Concept: This could have been the talk of NAISA except that it was previously revealed at Pebble Beach last August.
Toyota presents 3 concept cars namely the FT1 (Future Toyota 1), FV2, and Toyota FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) that is fueled by gas.
* Horizontal and Vertical Flame Chamber | VW-1 | FT1 | FT2 | 1061 Cable Flame
The recall includes model number ADKW30LN with serial numbers that begin with AT1, DT1, FT1 or GT1.
The gelling capacity data of prepared formulations presented in Table 4 represent that the formulations Ft1 and Fg1 had immediate gelation and underwent rapid dissolution.
As described in Figure 3, the animals were subjected to the analgesimeter (Anal 1) and formalin (FT1) tests before the beginning of substance treatment to evaluate the basal response of each one to the different experimental procedures.