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FTAMFile Transfer and Access Method
FTAMFile Transfer Access and Management
FTAMFile Transfer and Access Management
FTAMFile Transfer, Access & Management
FTAMFile Transfer Access Method
FTAMFile Transfer Access Mechanism
FTAMFault Tolerant Application Manager (Alcatel server feature)
FTAMFile Transfer, Access & Maintenance (computer programming)
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Upon completion of the transaction, FTAM said it will focus on a more concentrated menu of products for the institutional market, including fixed income, dividend growth and strategic income.
Our first approach (and the FTAM approach) has at least two drawbacks: The shared files are separate from the conventional local files, and each file must have an associated, and often cumbersome, type description.
The IBM consultants also worked with the Tanger Al Madina Foundation (FTAM), a foundation dedicated to preserving and raising awareness of Tangier s old Medina, its historical nucleus of culture and history.
The organic version is called Ftam. They were exhibiting several other cheeses such as Mostkase, a Tilsit cheese soaked in apple/pear cider for 7 days, and Mont Vuilly, a washed-rind cheese with a lovely brownish-orange, roughly textured exterior and a Gruyere-like interior with tiny fissures.
Once the lower-layer protocol testing was completed, it was easier for COS to begin testing products based on the File Transfer, Access, and Management (FTAM) application-layer standard.
The OSI-based network services to be provided by Y-NET will comprise X.400 electronic mail, file transfer and access management (FTAM), directory services and office document architecture (ODA).